With the introduction of new controls from the search engine to automatically clear your data after a set period of time, It is now slightly easier to opt out from Google’s all seeing eye

By default, Google saves a permanent history of everything a user has searched for, every website they have visited, activity from any other app, site or device that uses Google services, and a record of their physical movements from using Google Maps or an Android device.

New features gives the option to turn off – or “pause” – that tracking in a settings page, Activity Controls, and, if you remember to, then also manually clear the saved information using the Delete Activity page.

Disadvantages : if tracking is turned off entirely, some Google products and services no longer work, while deleting activity manually can be a quite a headache.

in my personal opinion, nothing ever gets deleted from Google’s servers, even if visually it looks like it . so if you don’t want Google to track you and keep your privacy safe, start the long process of replacing Google services with others altogether.

– Google maps can be changed to Apple maps

– Gmail can be replaced with Protonmail or any other privacy focused email provider

– Google search with Ducktogo search swisscows.ch
and so on.

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