Google is at the front of an effort to build technology that can read electronic health records and help physicians identify medical conditions.

a private research university and its medical center reveals not only how one of the most powerful companies in the world can obtain your most intimate data, but highlights their ability to piece all of this data together to figure out who you are.

Google, the University of Chicago and the medical center were sued in a potential class-action lawsuit accusing the hospital of sharing hundreds of thousands of patients’ records with Google without stripping identifiable date stamps or doctor’s notes which could easily be combined with other information Google already have, like location data from their Android smartphones , Google Maps and Waze to establish the identity the patients from the medical records and by that violating patient privacy .

“We believe that not only is this the most significant health care data breach case in our nation’s history, but it is the most egregious given our allegations that the data was voluntarily handed over,” said Jay Edelson, founder of Edelson PC, a law firm that specializes in class actions against technology companies for privacy violations.

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