SpaceX Starlink objective is to provide broadband Internet connectivity to areas of the planet with limited access, as well as competitively-priced service to urban areas.

SpaceX states that after the Falcon 9 launch a month ago, 57 (out of 60) satellites communicate successfully with SpaceX’s Earth stations which demonstrates the system’s potential to provide fast, reliable Internet to populations around the world which means now is the time to tart testing the speed, latency and quality of transmitting the broadband signals from Space to earth by streaming videos and playing some high bandwidth video games

SpaceX Starlinks could save 30-50% of the latency time. This is because the speed of light is almost twice as fast in space as it is in a glass fiber.

From SpaceX statement:

While we are pleased with the performance of the satellites so far, SpaceX will continue to push the operational capabilities of the satellites to inform future iterations. And, now that the majority of the satellites have reached their operational altitude, SpaceX will begin using the constellation to start transmitting broadband signals, testing the latency and capacity by streaming videos and playing some high bandwidth video games using gateways throughout North America.””

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