The U.S. Army’s new Futures Command is accelerating research into synthetic biotechnology to help the military develop next-generation living camouflage and other never-before-seen organisms and materials.

Dimitra Stratis-Cullum, who is overseeing the research in synthetic biology said in “Defense One Tech Summit” that Soldier survivability will be one of the key areas of research, the focus is developing new pieces of technology that will help U.S. troops make it out of battle unscathed such as:

Masking an individual’s thermal signature, essentially making them invisible to lenses for cameras that detect heat.
another example is Insect Repelling Uniforms

“One of our big pushes is being able to do synthetic biology in a very agile way and very quickly,” Stratis-Cullum said. You really have to harness the precision control and assembly over scale. That’s a big part of the push.”

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